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Thu, Mar. 16th, 2006, 10:08 am
Blame it on myself 'cause I can't keep anything down.

What's new and exciting ?

Things I'm looking forward to.

1) Going with the Brunch Crowd to CT for Olympic Training
Olympic training you say? Well, ~technically~ curling is an olympic sport. While it isn't as well known as Speed Walking, or as full of sexy superstarts as luge, it's certainly up there as far as "average age of participant". I'm not exactly sure what to expect, or who's going (though I'm slowly pressuring them with my old chestnut "Imagine telling your grandkids about the time you DIDN'T go curling...". I'm fairly certain that one of us will turn out to be the next curling superstar. I'm reminded of the scene in Kingpin where the camera pans past several overweight bowlers who are smoking, drinking, and stuffing their faces with donuts announcing "Look at this display of pure athleticism!"

2) Getting done with this workday/week.
Surprise surprise, I'd have prefered waking up late, having a cup of coffee, and going into the basement to frell about with one of my projects. Instead I'm here, earning the devil's wage. I suppose there's nothing new about the templated and refined whining that occurs concerning everyone's employment.

3) St Patrick's Day
While it's purely an excuse to go get bombed, I can't help but feel I'd really like to be a part of it this year. Sadly, I'm 99% certain that between getting out of work on friday, going home to the mrs. and having something to eat, I'm destined to fall asleep before anything occurs. I know that going out to drink is a titanic sinkhole of funds, and that I'll feel like garbage the next day, but I think the youthful exhuberance of it... The premise that I've got youth and health to waste... is what really appeals to me. The idea that I can go out, and just waste my time with like minded ruffians who all pretend to be Irish. Well, as predicted, so shall it be, this St. Patrick's day is gonna be a wash.

Other stuff:

I had the good fortune to chit chat with Jimmy Chops last night. He's just a couple semesters away from completing his degree at SUNY Canton... Of course, in a 2 year auto tech program, at most you're 5 semesters away from completing your degree. And in the grand tradition of all educational programs, when the end is in sight, the student rarely cares anymore. His main gripe is that the courses he's supposed to be taking concerning Advanced Auto Electronics are being taught by some mechanic-friend-of-the-dean who, while probably a pretty good mechanic, isn't a juggernaut of educational disbursement when it comes to teaching a course. Apparently, this guy is reviewing the basic electronics course that was taught last year, when he's supposed to be getting into the advanced stuff. I get the feeling that between this, and another "Core Cirriculum" course that he's taking are all rehash of theory, and no practice. No lab time, no knucklebusting and wrenching... Just note taking and no application. This makes his most interesting class English Literature. If you've got a penchant for such things, then you might enjoy English Lit... but when you're a sultan of sideburns, You've got no patience for the bard and his ilk. I can't say I disagree with him, I'd be pissed if my cirriculum was full of fluff, and my required courses were completely lobotomizingly dull.

A Nerf gun has appeared here in the office, and I've been the target of several 'Polish Mafia' style hits, where the lone gunman (Eric Da Boss) hops into my door way and proceeds to pump through 6 foamy rounds of neon green death. Mind you, the accuracy on a nerf round is just shy of the accuracy on a rabid cat thrown into a lake... so I'm hit by None, zero of six... It's a rather fun thing to have happen, but my ninja reflexes lead me to cover my face until the assault ends. If this thing were a suction cup gatling cannon, I'd be covered in yellow foam darts. I really have to work on my "dive and return fire". The unfortunate part, is my complete lack of firepower. Despite my best intentions, I can't seem to take the time and funds to get a reasonable weapon. I suppose it's a moot point, since the fun will end as soon as more serious bosses return from abroad. There will be no time for the "pook pook pook" of rapid fire terror. ~sigh~

Ten things I'd buy if I had the wherewithall:

1) A metal lathe for the downstairs bench
2) A metal Milling machine for the downstairs bench
3) A greenhouse for the back yard... something big enough to grow plants and drink in all night.
4) A spa that fits into the rear deck, one that I can cover up.
5) A 30 round nerf gatling cannon.
6) A ticket to taiwan and back... To go on a Scooter research/salvage mission.
7) Some salvaged scooters from Taiwan.
8) A Shop Vac
9) intentionally left blank
10) see above

Time to stop killing time, and "Do Some WORK, Having to do with ComPUTERS!"

Thu, Mar. 16th, 2006 04:40 pm (UTC)

If you're interested, I have in my possession the perfect counterattack to any Nerf bombardment. It fires 15 ping pong balls (well they are actually a little smaller and harder but you get the idea) in approximately 3 seconds, but can also be used for single-shot sniping missions. It can be yours for as long as you need, and all I will ask for is a video of the assault.